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Kiotaka música y terápias

Música de relajación para prácticas e iniciaciones de Reiki, yoga, t’ai chi, relajación, meditación, etc.

Spiritual Chakra Balance This is an edited sample version of the video, the full version is available separately. Chakra Meditation Balancing, Cleansing & Energizing The Chakras. Chakra meditation, chakra balancing, chakra balance, relaxation, meditation, chakras, chakra, visualization.Reiki. reiki healing. A beautiful Chakra meditation to cleanse, balance and energize the chakras. This chakra meditation is wonderfully relaxing and uses powerful metaphors to stimulate the healing power of the subconscious mind and chakra system. You can simply relax and allow my voice and the peaceful images on screen to take you on a journey to promote inner peace, clarity and calm. Inviting in new abundance and positive energy on many levels.

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