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Synergistic Kinesiology teaches accurate muscle testing (which many people do not do), the most important corrections from Specialized Kinesiology (Touch for Health), and Applied Kinesiology. As well as some very important and incredibly powerful and useful kinesiology techniques which you won’t find anywhere else. Including how to identify THE causes of a health or emotional problem, so that you can heal it and prevent it from re-occuring. And the Wernicke’s Corrections: Remove subconscious negative commands from the right side of the brain. Heal back pain, headaches, constipation and a host of other health problems. Excellent addition for people doing Massage Therapy (LMT), Reiki, Naturopathy and other natural healing techniques such as applied kinesiology, touch for health and emotional freedom technique EFT. Keywords – muscle testing, david hawkins, back pain, massage therapy, reiki, anthony robbins, robert kiyosaki, charles krebs, gary craig. Please visit us at and at http Please also see our main website at and http

Feel The Heat

This is a Reiki meditation video done by Reiki Dave. I hope you enjoy and many blessings to everyone.

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